I am Serena Newkirk and have been making this wonderful jewelry for about 5 years.  My mother passed on her love of antiques to her children and I especially love the dishes and glassware.  Each time I acquire a new dish it makes me  wonder about where this dish has been, who loved it, who has eaten from it, was it someone’s wedding china.  Some of these pieces are over 100 years old and have survived a long time it just seems a shame once they are damaged they are discarded.  They were the pride and joy of some young bride who lovingly used them, maybe on a daily basis or for those  “special” family gatherings.  I remember my Mom’s wedding china only came out at Thanksgiving or Christmas it was too loved and cherished to be used daily.  Making this jewelry is something I truly enjoy doing and each time I begin work on a new pattern I never know what the finished product will be as the pattern as I’m working on it determines that.

I would love the opportunity to make a “special” treasure for you from your own china, I welcome custom orders.  For custom orders please submit your request here: